Sarah Lamb

Dear Steve and Gina, Just wanted you to know how happy I am – I haven’t see an ant in about 10 days now. I thought I would never stop looking down at my feet and all around for ants, my paranoia is gone. After nearly four years of fighting ants by putting out chemicals and sprays myself and the services of two other pest control companies all to no avail. It looks like Steve has conquered our problem. I know ants are something you have to keep after – because, like the leaves on trees, they keep coming back. I’m actually so at peace now just by not seeing any for two weeks. It’s like I will recover from the stress fighting ants puts on you (we me anyway). I felt like with even one more month of ants I’d be in the nut house. But WOW! Now I’m happy, relaxed and convinced the two of you have saved my life. I’m so thankful that when my fingers did the walking through the Yellow Pages they stopped at Adcock Pest and Wildlife Services. That had to be fate. Love you both, Sarah Lamb