About Us

Expect safe, cost-effective solutions to your pest problems when you choose Adcock Pest & Wildlife Services. We are certified by the Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA) and the Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia (CPCO), so we know how to deal with the unique pest and critter problems we Georgians face. Additionally, we’re certified home inspectors by the American Home Inspection Training (AHIT), so you can count on us to properly identify any and all pest issues in your home.

About the Owner

SteveSteve began his working career in the submarine community of the United States Navy. He served his country on board the “Batfish” where he learned the true meaning of teamwork. His life depended on all his teammates doing their job correctly to survive. These values of teamwork and dedication are at the core of Adcock Pest & Wildlife Services.

Steve has worked his way through the ranks of a large company and understands what it takes to grow and nourish a respected organization. Adcock Pest & Wildlife Services is founded on these basic and true principles:

  1. To provide personal and professional service to our customers at a price that they can afford.
  2. To always do everything within our power to have a happy and satisfied customer.
  3. To surround ourselves with very experienced and professional team of people who also understand the commitment and dedication that is necessary to serve our customers.

Put experience on your side when you have a pest problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for pest control.